David Robinson – The Carver Academy

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Today on the b5media sports channel, we are looking at some feel good stories around the world of sports. In the NBA, it’d be tough to find a story as great as what former San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson is doing in San Antonio. Robinson, who has used more than $11 million of his own money, is running a non-profit private school that gives all children the equal chance to gain a unique and varied education.

The school is called The Carver Academy and was founded in 2001 by David Robinson and his wife Valerie. The children who attend The Carver Academy have a core curriculum that consists of subjects such as reading, mathematics, science, technology and foreign languages including Japanese, German and Spanish. Students learn in a small, family-type environment that stresses education above all else. The Carver Academy welcomes all students, without regard to creed, race or financial status.

You can learn more about the Carver Academy, or you can donate to the Carver Academy.

david robinson carver academy
David Robinson at the Carver Academy

Photo: Newscom

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