Pele Robbed at Gunpoint

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Mon, Jun 23 - 1:43 am EST | 7 years ago by
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Pele robbed Brazilian soccer legend (and perhaps best soccer player who ever lived) Pele was robbed at gunpoint in a slum area close to Santos, Brazil. Ten young thieves held up Pele’s car with guns and knives demanding his gold chain, watch and cellphone. Pele, who was a passenger in the vehicle complied and never reported the incident to the police. News agencies only now received news of the incident that occurred nine days ago.

Why would Pele keep that a secret? Well despite being a little rattled Pele is fine. I would hate to be one of those ten guys. I mean when word gets out that their national hero was wronged, those guys will have to go into hiding.

Read more at Sports Illustrated.

Image courtesy of Newscom.

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