Mythbusters 6.07 “Water Stun Gun”

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Mythbusters (Discovery Channel) Episode 6.07 “Water Stun Gun”

Original Air Date: Wednesday September 17, 2008 STATUS: BUSTED

It’s been reported that the CIA have been working on a crowd control method that combines water with an electric stun gun.
In this premiere episode of Discovery Channels
Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie investigate if you can turn a conventional electric stun gun into a water-powered electric stun gun. Meanwhile, in the same episode, Kari, Tory and Grant will test whether a fire extinguisher caught in a fire could actually blow up, release its contents and put the fire out all by itself.

EPISODE PLOT: The MythBusters tested various commercial water guns to see if they could create a steady, unbroken stream of water, which is essential for the conduction of electricity. None of them achieved this, so the MythBusters built their own custom water gun and attached a commercial stun gun to provide the electricity.

They tested the amount of electricity a stream of water could deliver to a target, and discovered that the voltage dropped significantly as distance to the target increased, making the gun impractical to use at long distances and busting the myth.

In order to see what it would take to have a water stun gun work at a distance, the Mythbusters used a tesla coil to power the gun with up to a million volts. The gun worked at a distance, and the lightning bolt could clearly be seen traveling down the stream of water. However, the rig remained impractical due to its size.

Watch below as the Mythbusters test to see if you fling the fire extingusher in the fire will it actually explode and extingush the fire.

Image Source: Discovery Channel

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