7-Eleven Slurpee Brainfreeze Laboratory

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Earlier this week, 7-Eleven launched an online campaign called Slurpee BRAINFREEZE Laboratory. The campaign, which was created in conjunction with Oddcast and FreshWorks/The Integer Group, uses Oddcast’s PhotoFace technology along with its new facial recognition and manipulation feature to create interactive fun.

Image: Slurpee.com (screen capture)

Image: Slurpee.com (screen capture)

Users can upload their own photo (or use one of the stock photos), pick a Slurpee flavor, and then hit the “BrainFreeze!” button. The PhotoFace technology than transforms the face and alters the image to create the “brain alerting effect” of what happens when you drink a Slurpee. It’s a silly yet fun campaign with many interactive components. Users can share their result with friends through email, Facebook, a direct URL or embed code.

The Slurpee website also features background information about Slurpees, as well as the ability to join the “Slurpee nation” where you can upload videos and photos and chat on their message. You can also fun the “Rate Your Slurpee Cred Game”, download computer wallpapers, and shop for Slurpee t-shirts.

The campaign is running on Slurpee.com through July 2009 and is being cross-promoted through banner advertising, the Slurpee website and promotional email.

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