Places to Pick Up Women

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Once you get out of college, you probably don’t see a steady group of single women everyday. Sure, there might be some single chicks at your office, but dating a woman from work never ends in a good way. So where do you meet women? Nightclubs are an obvious answer and if you are looking for a lay rather than a relationship, they are definitely a good place to start. However, if you are seeking something more than a fling, check out these places to meet women.

The Gym
At the gym, you can find an assortment of women that care about their health and their bodies. It’s easy to strike up a conversation about whatever machine they are working on or exercise they are doing. You can also enroll in aerobics, spinning or other exercise classes, where the female to male ratio will definitely be in your favor.



Art Classes
Most community colleges offer classes in art, cooking and other such topics. These types of adult learning classes are normally filled with women. Along the same vein, attend exhibitions, readings and other events at your local museum.

Wine Tastings
Wine bars are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Many of them having weekly or monthly wine tastings where you pay a fee to taste a selection of wines and eat appetizers. This crowd is a little more high class that your normal nightclub scene. Plus there’s no loud music, so you can actually converse.

Volunteer Events
Give back to your community and meet some chicks along the way. Participate in local charity drives, volunteer at community centers, and attend charity galas and events. Women appreciate a guy who cares about the less fortunate.

The Zoo
Chicks love men who love animals. Dog parks, pet shops and even the zoo are great places to meet women. Zoos are especially full of single moms. So if you don’t mind a package deal, spend the afternoon gazing at the giraffes and the women.

Picking up women online is easy. Not just on dating websites, but also on social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Seek out people in your local area. And then after developing an online relationship, you can take things to the next level and meet up in person.

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