Simon Baker in for The Killer Inside Me

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Mon, May 11 - 11:58 pm EST | 7 years ago by
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simon_baker_mentalist_90208A1_BAKER_S_B-GR_01 Fans of “The Mentalist” commence rejoicing! Simon Baker, star of the CBS hit, has been cast as an attorney in “The Killer Inside Me,” an adaptation of the Jim Thompson noir classic.

It’s the story of a West Texas sheriff (Casey Affleck) as he morphs from a boring small-town cop into a ruthless, sociopathic murderer. And for the icing on this casting-coup cake, Jessica Alba plays a prostitute and Kate Hudson plays the sheriff’s schoolteacher girlfriend. Baker plays an attorney investigating the murders. 

Hmmm, this actually sounds like something semi-original – which is always welcome in this world of movie remakes and reboots. The only thing it’s lacking is Ben Affleck as director (he wow’d me with “Gone Baby Gone,” which also starred his brother Casey), but we’ll see what Michael Winterbottom does with it.

Filming is set to begin this week in New Mexico and Oklahoma, for a 2010 release date.

Image: Bauer-Griffin; Source: Hollywood Reporter

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