Enhance Your Package And Junk Your Trunk

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Mon, May 11 - 5:00 am EST | 7 years ago by
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This is quite sad. Some men are vain enough while some men are vain but still need a little more to be vain about. Enter siliconebody.com, your resource for enhancing clothing. If you are really self conscious about your rear and want to even it out in the front to make it look like your packing more in both areas than you really are, Silicon Body has just what  you need. I’m sorry, I hate to be cynical about this, but this is just pathetic.

The Package Booster

The Package Booster

It’s bad enough that push-up bras can be a bit misleading to men (sorry, ladies but it’s true), but how do you think that your date is going to feel when you strip down and everything feels a little lite to her? Women don’t want a fake man any more than a man wants a fake, well, ok. Really, women don’t want a fake man that is vain and uses the mirror more than she does. Sure they want a man that is concerned about the way he looks, but jeez! They also make these for women; not the package booster of course. If I were a single man and found my date/girlfriend or whatever wearing these I would probably be a little disappointed. But I can understand for women, but men? Come on, guys.

Take a look at this picture. Now doesn’t that look a little funny?

This is almost as silly as Manty-Hose.

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