Cheaters on Pokerstars?

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Mon, May 11 - 2:49 am EST | 7 years ago by
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yes, i won the first game against this guy, then lost 6 straight to him. No matter what i did, he had me. When i bluffed he went all in, when i had a huge hand he would fold instantly pre-flop. Then i stopped playing for a bit. Went at it again and lost 9 straight to random players. Lost all races, go in as a favorite (ex. A8 vs A2) and still lose to a one outer, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!. Finally won a 2 table heads up sng, then u wouldnt believe what happened next. I played 4 more matches with all different players. I played a total of 4 hands in those matches. AA, QQ, QQ, AA. I won with the aces the first match, then lost the next 3 to flushes. Then weird thing is I raised all those hands and bet all the way through. Talk about strange and the odds of that happening? 4 MATCHES LASTING 3 MINUTES!! And losing with 3 monsters to flushes. I don’t know what to say or think about online poker.

This was a response to my “Do Online Poker Sites Even Things Out?” post by David.  Now it’s not just me.  I’m curious if this now happening to other players.  Yesterday, I entered into another heads up battle in the $2 games and eeked out a win against a player who immediately rematched me.  I declined.  I then lost to someone else who did request another rematch.

These two matches seemed more fair to me with me being actually able to bluff some pots, but then again I didn’t agree to any rematches.  What bothers me is now I’m playing with the question “Am I being cheated” being the first question in my mind in each hand.  One thing I did do was ask “are you cheating” in the chat option, but never got an answer.  That’s curious.

If anyone else has any suspicious games to report on, by all means send a comment.  Also, if not suspicious has anybody noticed the auto rematch option being used recently?  Is this a new trend?  I had not seend this prior.

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