LeBron over the Hawks

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Mon, May 11 - 8:25 pm EST | 7 years ago by
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NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

It goes without saying that LeBron James cannot be stopped by the Hawks and the series could turn into a sweep.

James leads everyone in the postseason with a 33.7 points-per-game average. He is averaging 36 points per game in this series against the Hawks.


That is right. 36 points per game. Ouch!

LeBron James unstoppable

LeBron James unstoppable

The game is 40 – 38 Cavaliers at halftime and LeBron only has 12. Since when has 12 been an ‘only’ at halftime?

Remember when LeBron came into the league and most observers said he was great, but can’t really shoot the outside ball? Well, in the last game the Hawks were switching all over the court on defense and every time someone shorter than LeBron was guarding him, he just put it up and it went in. What happened to can’t shoot the outside shot?

The reason LeBron James is shooting the ball better from the outside than he did several years ago comes down to four-letter word … work. He really does practice his shooting. A few hours before the game, he will take 30 shots from six different spots on the court — and four spots in between. Then he takes another 40 shots or more near the basket, practicing short hook shots. He mixes in free throws. Assistant Chris Jent puts him through the paces.


Photo source Newscom

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