Worst Teams in the 2009 Baseball Season

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Mon, May 11 - 11:56 pm EST | 7 years ago by
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More than a month in the 2009 baseball season, the worst teams in the league are already looking ahead to 2010. Who are the worst of the worst? Here’s a look at the teams that wish they could push the reset button the 2009 baseball season.

5) Baltimore Orioles
Although the Orioles have a handful of very good players on their squad, the team as a whole is heading to another season without a postseason appearance.

4) Cleveland Indians
Before the season started, the Indians were an American League sleeper pick. Now? They just appear as if they are asleep.

3) Pittsburgh Pirates
Not long ago, the Pirates seemed to be on the right track. But with eight straight losses, the Pirates are headed back down to the cellar.

2) San Diego Padres
Although their record of 13-19 isn’t horrible, they have been outscored by 38 runs — the worst in all of Major League Baseball.

1) Washington Nationals
Who else? Everyone knew the Nationals were a bad team heading into the season and they currently have the worst record in baseball at 10-20.

The Washington Nationals are the Worst of the Worst (Image: Newscom)

The Washington Nationals are the Worst of the Worst (Image: Newscom)

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