Joss Stone “scares” herself on The Tudors

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Joss Stone claims she doesn’t know what she’s doing on The Tudors, but the producers disagree. The British soul singer makes her Showtime debut this season as Anne of Cleves, the wife who Henry VIII married on the strength of her portrait, then quietly ditched in favor of teen queen Katherine Howard.

Stone had initially been offered the role of Jane Seymour last season, but tour commitments meant she couldn’t sign on for the rigorous filming schedule. For her new role — the first major acting challenge of her career — Stone had to master a German accent and figure out how to play a fourth wife with whom Henry ended up fostering a friendship but not a romance.

“The whole thing was kind of a little bit different and a little bit worrying, because I’m not used to doing it and I’m not confident,” Stone told The Boston Herald.

“I guess you get more confident as you go, but I can’t stand here and tell you I know how to act. That would be a big, fat lie. I think it’s all bravery, to be honest. I like to go head-first into whatever it is and give it a go. It’s good to scare yourself a little bit. It means you work harder.”

When she took the role, Stone said, she had forgotten that Anne was from Germany. The accent didn’t throw her, she said, because the producers were very encouraging.

“(They) have a lot of faith in me,” she said. “They’ve got more faith in me than I do in myself.”

Catch Stone and all your other favorite members of court on The Tudors third season Sunday nights on Showtime!

Photo: Johnathan Hession/Showtime

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