Photo Gallery: Meet the Cast of 'HawthoRNe'

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The new nurse medical drama Hawthorne, starring Jada Pinkett Smith, doesn’t premiere until Tuesday, June 16, at 9pm ET. But, TNT has been a very busy network lately getting promotional items together for its latest original series, some of which I’ve decided to share right now.

Follow the jump to get cozy with the cast of the series and learn all about the character each member portrays. I am so looking forward to Team Jada! The premiere can’t get here fast enough.

Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthorne
Jada Pinkett Smith/HawthoRNe

The tough-yet-caring Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital, she prides herself on standing up for her patients and preventing them from falling through the cracks of hospital bureaucracy. But being there for her patients means she isn’t always there for herself and her daughter. She’s trying to move on after her husband’s death, but she hasn’t really had time to grieve because of her work duties. Her relationship with her teenage daughter can at times be strained, especially when Christina puts the hospital first. Still, she’s a loving mother with a creative way of handling family issues.

Michael Vartan as Dr. Tom Wakefield
Michael Vartan/HawthoRNe

An oncologist and Chief of Surgery for Richmond Trinity Hospital, he’s a strong, competent doctor who avoids taking too many risks. He bristles when his judgment is called into question, especially when he’s second-guessed by subordinates. He’s close to Christina, given his role in treating her late husband’s cancer, and the two have a professional but friendly rapport with one another. He also relies on her to serve as a buffer between himself and the staff.

Suleka Mathew as Bobbie
Suleka Mathew/HawthoRNe

One of Christina’s best friends and best nurses, she’s smart, honest, caring, and funny, yet she also fights personal insecurities. She has a prosthetic leg, although there is some question as to how she originally lost her leg. Bobbie is one of the few nurses with whom Christina is completely open, and the two have a very strong bond that translates into an excellent working relationship. On the romantic front, Bobbie is somewhat hesitant, although she is open to advances by a handsome EMT.

David J. Hirsh as Ray
David J. Hirsh/HawthoRNe

Being one of the hospital’s only male nurses is constantly frustrating, since he doesn’t seem to get the respect his fellow nurses get from patients and staff. Because he’s a male in a female-dominated profession, he’s also sometimes mistaken for being gay, although the truth is he has his romantic eye on fellow nurse Candy. He has always wanted to be a doctor and hopes one day to go to medical school.

Christina Moore as Candy
Christina Moore/HawthoRNe

A fresh-faced and very outgoing nurse who’s a hit in the hospital, she has a reputation for giving “special attention” to soldiers injured in the war, something she sees as her way of supporting the troops. Despite that, she’s a very competent nurse and a valuable member of Christina’s staff.

Hannah Hodson as Camille
Hannah Hodson/HawthoRNe

Christina’s daughter is a rebellious teen who was closer to her father than her mother. With her father now gone, Camille seems to have it in for her mother, doing whatever she wants and driving Christina crazy in the process. She frequently lies and tries to manipulate others. And she especially enjoys playing her grandmother against Christina. But she’s not all bad. There are times when Camille and Christina share a moment of love and honesty, especially when they’re willing to admit they’re alike in many ways.

The Cast

Photos: Robert Trachtenberg/TNT
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