Prison Break – Episode 4.23/24: Prison Break: The Final Break – Description

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Episode 4.23/24: Prison Break: The Final Break

Here’s the official description, thanks to SpoilerTV!

Michael, Lincoln, Sara and co may have removed the thorn in their side, the Company, but happiness is short-lived. The two- hour action spectacular begins with a trip down the aisle as Michael and a heavily pregnant Sara tie the knot. As ever, Lady Luck holds the lovebirds in disregard, and the newlyweds have no time to enjoy the delights of marital bliss. Michael is forced to cancel any honeymoon plans when Sara is arrested for the murder of mother from hell Christina Scofield and, without so much as a trial, sent to Miami-Dade Women’s Prison, where the Doc is reunited with a familiar, but hardly friendly face. Meanwhile, Krantz isn’t adapting to his abode, Miami-Dade Men’s Prison, but his mood soon brightens when he finds out about Sara’s predicament. Krantz decides to while his hours of incarceration by plotting her demise, putting a mark on head for the princely sum of $100,000. Wicked word soon reaches Miami-Dade Women’s Prison, and a vulnerable Sara must fight for survival. In a fitting farewell that ensures the show flies the coop on the headiest of highs, Michael and friends reunite to break Sara out.

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