Budget Gadgets Calorie Pulse Watch Review

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Tue, May 12 - 5:00 am EST | 7 years ago by
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I got a Calorie Pulse Watch from BudgetGadgets.com for review a short while back. I haven’t been ambitious enough to get out there and try to use it until yesterday. At a price of $9.75 I wasn’t sure how well it would work. I followed the very vague instructions the best I could to get everything ready for a test run and got on my way.

HR2518 Calorie Pulse Watch

HR2518 Calorie Pulse Watch

Like most athletically geared watches it has a Chronograph (Stopwatch) on it as well as an exercise mode that is supposed to tell you how many calories you’re burning. You set the watch up by entering your birth date, age, sex and weigh in to it. It uses these to calculate the calories burned. I went on a run of about 2 miles, trying to test the watch function as I went along.

You get your pulse by touching a small sensor on the side of the watch with your index finger. After about 10 seconds it gives you your pulse of bpm. The problem with the touch sensor is that it’s very sensitive. You have to touch it with the center part of you index finger and you have to touch it with just the right amount of pressure. If you press too hard you won’t get a reading and the same if you don’t press hard enough. Also if you don’t have your finger positioned on it just right you won’t get a reading, but a “Retry” on the screen.

While you are running it’s not easy to hold your hands just right for those 10 seconds. I spent more time just trying to get a good reading than I did actually trying to focus on the run and keeping a good steady pace for a good heart rate. It was aggravating and I finally gave up. After the two miles I still had some energy left so I decided to do some short sprints and really get my heart rate up there. I would run the sprint, stop and try to get my pulse reading. It was slightly easier but I still had some issues getting a good reading.

I was pretty disappointed in the watch overall. It told time and the stopwatch and indiglo style back-lighting works good, but the pulse function was just too touchy to get a good, fast reading, especially while actually performing a physical activity. While sitting at my desk and typing this, I can get a reading about 9 out of 10 times, but with the instability of running I probably got a reading 2 out of 10 times. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good reading so the Calorie burn estimation was rendered useless.

If you would like to check out the Pulse Watch go to BudgetGadgets.com. You can use this coupon code [SM5OFF11] to get 5% off of your purchase on any item on their website.

(Image Source: Budgetgadgets.com)

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