New for Nintendo Wii: “Garfield Gets Real”

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Wed, May 13 - 1:45 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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I love Garfield for all kinds of reasons.  I used to buy the comic books and watched the cartoons as a kid and I really fell in love with the relationship between this giant  lasagne-loving feline and his less intelligent housemate, Odie.  I was not garfield wiia fan, however, of the live-action film adaptations but I think that I could enjoy the game.

Now Nintendo has released Garfield Gets Real and, I think, it looks like a lot of fun.  Players will make a movie (as the director) by using “Garfield’s special moves, dances, tricks or props, coupled with lighting, camera, and sound effects to provide the audience with the most laughs.” 

Whether you make a "B" movie, a feature film, choose the director’s cut or go with a special edition, your movie is entirely up to you. 

There are seven levels and the game is compatible for multiplayer action.  Watch the trailer to get a better idea of how the game works:


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