The Streets New Album Dropping In February

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When The Streets (AKA Mike Skinner and his mates) first came to my attention with their first album, Original Pirate Material, in 2002, I found them refreshing, something new and original, and uniquely British. That album was a real breath of fresh air, livening up the radio and proving there is more to the British music scene than cheesy Pop and populist Indie.

The Streets Mike Skinner Live

Four albums later and The Streets are preparing to release their fifth studio album. The long player is as-yet-untitled but Mike Skinner today revealed it will be getting released in February 2010. And I’m not too sure how I feel about the prospect at the moment.

According to the NME, Skinner revealed the release schedule for the new album in a slightly unusual way and wholly unusual setting. After finding £100 in his pocket he said on Twitter that he would give the money to the first person who came up to him on London Bridge and said, “Messi messed up the reds.” The line is in reference to the Champion’s League Final with Manchester United lost to Barcelona on Wednesday night.

Skinner handed over the cash and revealed the news about The Streets’ new album. Skinner is a master at soaking up new influences and incorporating them into his music, having been previously inspired by Sweeney Todd, so the next album could go a number of different ways. However, I can’t help thinking The Streets are getting a little stale at this stage.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Skinner has previously indicated this fifth album will be The Streets’ last.

[Photo Source: Newscom]

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