Barbers can change Tauren skin tones in 3.2

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Fri, May 29 - 10:03 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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It’s funny how some things work out sometimes. Just because of something that concerns Tauren druids, all Taurens no matter what class will benefit from the issue. At least that’s how I read the announcement. I’m talking about the new druid form art that’s coming out in patch 3.2 and how some people are complaining about it.

tauren at barber shop

tauren at barber shop

Apparently the new form art that you will use when you shift to bear or cat depends on how the druid’s “caster form” looks in terms of hair color and skin tone. CM Zarhym admitted that it’s going to take a great deal of programming to make the new druid form art independent of how the character looks. But this gives rise to a problem. Night Elves can change their hair color to change their look while Taurens cannot. Well, at least not yet!

In patch 3.2, Taurens will also be able to change their skin tone by going to the barber shop. Take note that there was no mention of this applying to just Tauren druids, so I’m assuming that all Taurens can make use of this feature, which I think currently can only be done using the paid character customization service. Now the question is, will Night Elves also be able to change their skin tone by going to a barber shop? It would seem quite awkward if they couldn’t.

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