See, Even Mac OS X Can Make Life Hard

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So someone wanted to replace his eMac keyboard with another keyboard, sans the Eject Key. And he thoughtfully asks “Is there a keyboard sequence, hot key, whatever that will open the drive”? Guess what the solution was!

So much just to emulate this?

So much just to emulate this?

Go to the root of your hard drive (double-click on it) and open System: Library: CoreServices: Menu Extras. Inside that window, double-click on the icon called You may want to hold down the OPTION key and drag it to the desktop to make a copy there, but once you start the application, it will put an eject symbol in the right side of the white menu bar above the desktop. When you click on it, you just have to choose Open SuperDrive/DVD Drive/CD etc. or Close SuperDrive… It also gives you the choice of F12, but unless you reassign the EXPOSE action that F12 executes, you won’t be able to use that.

If the eject button disappears on restart or shutdown, just put the copy of the file in the Applications folder and then open your System Preferences. In there, go to the USERS section, highlight your account and click on the LOGIN ITEMS tab. Click on the + symbol and then use the window that pops up to navigate to the Applications folder and choose and it will be added to the list of login/start up programs to automatically execute every time you reboot or start up.

Bla bla bla bla bla… these instructions are very similar to a Windows-only procedure somewhat infamous for complication: Changing Your Network IP Address.

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