Jodi Lyn O’Keefe In ‘The Call’?

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phlphotos232470-Jodi-Lyn-O-Keefe4481.JPGAccording to IMDb, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe starred in the pilot episode of The Call, slated for 2010. The weird thing is that the pilot was actually filmed in 2007! So I’m not sure if it’s set to air in 2010, or what is going on.

Jodi played the role of Jenna ‘Kinky’ Kincaid and the network describes the show as:

Most people don’t think about first responders until they need one. Nick Adams and Ian Wode are the paramedics you pray for when your life is in peril. Nick is the star paramedic at Aurora Healthco, a private ambulance service in LA. Nick is known as the “The Comeback Kid.” He has a genuine talent for saving lives, which earns him praise from his grateful patients. Meanwhile, his brash demeanor provokes the ire of his budget-conscious boss, Wendy “The Wolf” Wolfram. Ian is Nick’s longstanding partner and confidant. As intelligent as he is neurotic, Ian tries to find a balance between Nick’s “save-’em-at-all-cost” humanity and The Wolf’s iron-clad regulations. And then there’s Tom Timlin, the wide-eyed trainee, caught between his mentors’ brilliance and high-jinx, and never completely sure which way to go. They valiantly patrol the streets of Los Angeles with their competent and bodacious co-worker, Jenna “Kinky” Kincaid. Both tough as nails and soft as velvet, Kinky views Nick as both colleague and competitor. The secret truth is that she’s wildly attracted to him though she would never admit it. Although supremely confident, Kinky has one Achilles’ heel. She tends to lose partners with alarming frequency a fact that Nick will not let her forget.

In each episode, the daring and dysfunctional employees of Aurora Healthco answer “The Call” in real time, with nerves of steel and tongues firmly planted in cheeks. The Creator of “Kitchen Confidential” (David Hemingson) teams with the Emmy-winning Executive Producers of “24″ (Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, and Howard Gordon) to bring this hilarious, high octane thrill ride to life.”

Image Credited to Newscom

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