Drunk the Next Day

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Sat, May 30 - 11:51 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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hangoverOh, my aching head!

I did something very, very stupid last night. I drank way too much and didn’t realize that I was doing it. Let me explain.

I have Sailor Jerry Rum and was mixing it with sweet tea. I’m from the South and sweet tea down here is an art. Mine is slightly bitter but very sweet and just a tinge darker than the Sailor Jerry Rum. For some reason last night, the tea and the rum conspired against me in a perfect storm reminiscent of my college years.

I mixed my first drink strong but realized that I wasn’t tasting the alcohol. All I was tasting was my sweet tea with a hint of vanilla-pleasant. I finished off that first drink and made another. One thing to know about me is that I’m a constant sipper. Whether it’s alcoholic or not, I always have a glass of something with me and once it’s empty I automatically refill it. And THAT is what got me into trouble last night.

I don’t know how many drinks I drank. After a while, I was too busy playing on Twitter and reading and I quit counting and everything became funny. Not weird funny, mind you. Oh no. The “every thing’s funny” that only comes when you’ve have too much to drink. I called my best friend and told her that I thought that she was hot and that if we weren’t both married then I’d make out with her. I also must have blacked out at some point in the night [a first for me] since Tucker swears we had sex but I sure don’t remember it. [Maybe you guys didn't need to know that last part...]

I woke this morning, in my bed [with no clue as to how I got there] and a itty bitty little [would have been cute if it hadn't hurt] headache. I was feeling mighty proud of myself for being a moron and drinking myself into oblivion but waking up without a hangover. I got out of bed, ready to get myself a cup of coffee, and fell into the wall. Face planted it into the wall to be exact. No. Really. I scraped my face and everything. You see, I was still drunk.

I wasn’t “clear the way to the bathroom cause I’m going to puke” drunk but I still had a healthy dose of alcohol running through my veins and I have no doubt that driving would have been a bad idea and illegal all at the same time. I hobbled my drunk ass into the kitchen, made myself a ham sandwich and decided to roll with it. However, “rolling with it” in my house required me to chase after my two year old and keep the eight month old from eating small objects. After about ten minutes of waking up drunk, I was done with it. Being drunk is fun when it’s Friday night and I only have to be responsible for myself but when you add in the responsibility of kids and the bright, bright sun…well…things tend to get less fun.

Luckily, my saint of a husband took over the parenting responsibilities [maybe he really did get lucky?] and allowed me to recoup as best as I could. I still feel “off” but refuse to admit that it’s possible that I could still be drunk 24 hours later.

I had planned to finish this little ditty up with a video for a hangover cure. A story AND useful advice. You can’t beat that with a stick! However, I found this video that really has little usefullness and is just entertaining. Oh well. It’s fun and I need some non-alcoholic fun right now.

Image|Mike Licht

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