Wolf Team: Bringing Back Glory Days of FPS

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Sat, May 30 - 5:50 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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It’s a good thing I installed Wolf Team, a new massively multiplayer online first-person shooter from Softnyx and mobiusgames, on another computer and not my usual gaming PC, or I’d be spending too much time fragging players from different parts of the world.

Oh, yeah, I had a good romp in the first hour after installing the darn game. My opponent had the good sense to ditch me by leaving our friendly Wolf Team match. Now comes news that mobiusgames has put Wolf Team on overdrive, and the game is now in full swing.

Maybe I should install it on my gaming rig?

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my desire to frag local butt. I’m supposed to tell you how noble the motive of the guys up at mobiusgames is for bringing in Wolf Team. And just what is this noble motive? It’s right there in the title: To bring back the glory days of the first-person shooter.

Mobiusgames has a better explanation:

Wolf Team: Different wolves

Mobiusgames and Softnyx have just released Wolf Team in the Philippine gaming market. The game’s release brings to players a new first-person shooter game based on one of the world’s most successful genres as part of mobiusgames’ plan to bring high-quality MMO entertainment to Southeast Asian audiences.

Morale is high at mobiusgames as this title is a highly anticipated twist to the FPS genre. Players themselves have been exposed to countless Counter-strike clones, but are not immediately satisfied with the current titles out on the Philippine market. By adding new features, its own weapon lineup, and the unique presence of Dire-Wolves, the game is sure to turn a few heads and bring a new tactical perspective to the genre.

“Despite the tough economic slump, the video game industry continues to grow! Though there‚Äôs a lot of tough competition out there, we strive to always give our players something unique to call their own,” said Scott Countryman, chief executive officer of mobiusgames.

The main focus of Wolf Team is to bring the FPS genre back to its peak here in the Philippines. By combining such aspects as a great development team, as well as a well known publisher not only in the Philippines but in SEA, the title is sure to bring in a lot of success and enjoyment to Philippine gamers.

Go check out what Wolf Team has to offer.

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