New Mexico’s Coach in Trouble

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Sat, May 30 - 10:58 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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New Mexico’s head football coach, Mike Locksley, has been on the job for less than six month, and he’s already facing legal problems. According to sources, Locksley’s former assistant, Sylvia Lopez, has filing a complaint accusing the new coach of sexual harassment, age discrimination and retaliation.

Mike Locksley, Image: Newscom

Mike Locksley, Image: Newscom

Lopez was part of Rocky Long’s staff. When he stepped down this past year, Locksley retained most of his administrative staff. About a month ago, Lopez transferred out of the department, and on May 1, she quit her job.

Says Locksley in an statement,

“I had always treated everybody with respect. That is who I am. Change and transition is always tough on everybody. Out of respect for all involved, that is all I am going to say.”

Athletic director Paul Krebs notes that the they are taking the accusations very seriously, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will conduct an investigation.

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