Photos from the premiere of Weeds Season 5

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The new season of Weeds drops in a week and a day, with the action picking up right where it left off. If you recall, Showtime Fans, we left Nancy on the hot seat with mayor/kingpin/latin lover Esteban.

Nancy saved her own neck by producing an ultrasound that she let Esteban believe was of his child. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll soon find out.

WEEDS season 5 Mary-Louise Parker season premiere

As these stills from the season premiere show, Esteban wants to know everything the doctor can tell him about Nancy’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Silas and the rest of the guys are tucking into the gift basket that Nancy pathetically ordered Silas for his birthday as she drove off into the night to meet Esteban and barter for her life. 

WEEDS season 5 premiere Nancy Esteban Mary-Louise Parker Demian Bechir

Looks like Silas and Doug got the munchies (no surprise there), while Shane and Andy are concerned with how Nancy is doing after her trip south of the border.

WEEDS season 5 premiere Nancy Silas Andy Doug Shane Hunter Parrish Justin Kirk Mary-Louise Parker Alexander Gould Kevin Nealon

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned, dear readers. Lots more to come as we count down to the season premiere on Monday, June 8, only on Showtime.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/Showtime

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