Susan Boyle Loses Britain’s Got Talent Final To Diversity, But The Singing Talent On Display Was Extraordinary

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Susan Boyle was the odds-on favorite to win the Britain’s Got Talent final held on Saturday night but lost out to a dance troupe known simply and accurately as Diversity. But despite Boyle failing to take the winner’s crown on the night, the singing talent on display in this series has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

I’ll admit right here, right now, I’m not the biggest Susan Boyle fan. There’s no denying she’s a very talented singer, and her first performance when she transformed from unassuming middle-aged frump to a superstar was amazing. It set the tone for the rest of this season of Britain’s Got Talent.

However, her subsequent performances were underwhelming, and the hype too great for her ever to live up to. So, despite her being wholly expected to win going into the final, I knew there was the chance for an upset. And Diversity, a dance troupe comprising sets of brothers and friends, delivered that upset.

They deserved to win, being consistent, entertaining, and amazing to watch. The choreography ensured their win, being as inventive as anything I have ever seen from that type of act. They’ll no doubt go on to have a huge career, but so will the singers who made the final. Which is what I have to focus on with this being a British music blog and all.

Boyle is now known the world over, and that fame will ensure her a strong career for a few years to come. She is the one Britain’s Got Talent 2009 act to make it big in America, partly thanks to huge success on the Internet with her first performance becoming a huge viral phenomenon.

Shaheen Jafargholi, the ultra-talented 12-year-old from Wales was actually my favorite contestant. As Lily Allen so eloquently (as always) pointed out last week, if Britain’s Got Talent had been judged purely as a talent contest, and not from the point of view of sob stories and the like, then Jafargholi would surely have won. My only concern is what happens to his voice when it breaks, because at the moment he sounds like a female diva.

Shaun Smith probably picked the wrong show to audition for. He could probably have walked The X-Factor but because this was a variety show he got lost in the plethora of amazing acts. Which is a shame because he has a great voice and is probably the one contestant who made Simon Cowell’s eyes light up with dollar signs.

2 Grand were good but not great. The old guy could clearly sing but his best is unfortunately behind him. Whether his granddaughter can manage to succeed on her own could be an interesting side story in years to come. And Hollie Steel? She can go back to stage school and have as many tantrums as she likes.

[Photo Source: Newscom]

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