Expert Riding Skill Cost Changed in 3.2.2

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Sat, Sep 26 - 12:03 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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Patch 3.2.2 was already released this week but there’s a pretty nice change that snuck by a lot of people so not a lot of people probably know about it. Therefore it’s worth writing about. The change is about the Expert Riding skill training cost getting a price reduction. I really wish I knew this was coming because I got this for my DK just a few days ago before the patch came out. I could have saved some gold by waiting.

Thrallmar flight trainer

Thrallmar flight trainer

Expert Riding or riding skill 225 (150% flight speed) refers to the skill you need to ride the regular flying mounts. With patch 3.2 this skill was brought down to level 60 from level 70 as a requirement and more trainers like the ones in Thrallmar and Honor Hold were added. With patch 3.2.2, the price of getting this skill was reduced from 600 gold to 225 gold. In addition, the faction discount from the vendors in Honor Hold and Thrallmar now uses Stormwind and Orgrimmar reputations instead.

According to Blue poster Mumper, they wanted more players to gain access to expert riding at level 60 so reducing the cost was an obvious way to do this. Also, players entering hellfire peninsula for the first time would not have Honor Hold or Thrallmar rep so using Stormwind and Orgrimmar rep was better. So if you’re looking to get this on your alts you should be pretty happy that it’s now cheaper.

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