Robbie Williams Disses Oasis For Past Decade’s Output

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Fri, Oct 30 - 8:49 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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There was a brief friendship between Oasis and Robbie Williams when, just after leaving Take That in 1995, he spent the summer hanging out with the Gallagher brothers after meeting up with them at the Glastonbury festival. But the relationship soon soured and Robbie’s latest comments mean it’s unlikely to be rekindled.


Robbie is currently making a mini-comeback after taking a few years off after the release of Rudebox. Which, let’s face it, was pretty poor compared to his usual output. But Robbie seems to have forgotten he hasn’t always produced brilliant material, and ripped into Oasis’ instead after speaking a little about the band splitting up.

According to The Sun, Robbie said of Noel and Liam:

“Originally I thought they’d inevitably get back together because they are the band. But reading between the lines, they’re both really stubborn so I don’t think they will. To be honest, I know there’s history between us and this isn’t very complimentary, but they’ve been doing a lap of honor for the past 13 years. There’s been the occasional gem here and there, The Importance Of Being Idle, and, well, that’s about it.”

That is very harsh. Sure, some of Oasis songs and albums weren’t the best between (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? and Don’t Believe the Truth. And seeing as that time period ran to a full decade that’s not too good. But there were some absolute gems in the mix and Oasis have left a magnificent back catalog that will be listened to for decades to come.

This could of course simply be Robbie’s way of getting some press coverage as he tries to resurrect his career. And I have unfortunately helped him in this mission. let’s hope Liam meets him in a dark alleyway to even up the score.

[Photo Source: Newscom]

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