Post-Apocalypse Halloween in Fallen Earth

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Fallen Earth LLC, developer of self-titled massively multiplayer online game Fallen Earth, has just announced the winners of its second annual post-apocalyptic Halloween Costume Contest.

With the chance to show off their imagination, Fallen Earth players gave their all in exploring the wasteland of the area previously known as the Grand Canyon to submit a costume based on the six factions featured in the game—Children of the Apocalypse (CHOTA), Traveler, Vista, Enforcer, Lightbearer and Tech.

Of course, the contest eyed a player’s creativity, so it was only natural that the best submissions were determined in three different categories—Most Original Setting, Most Accurate Game Costume and Best Inside Joke on Scavenging.

According to Fallen Earth, the winners will be contacted via email and will receive a Fallen Earth prize pack consisting of a Fallen Earth t-shirt, messenger bag and poster autographed by the dev team. Winners will also have their photographs featured on the Fallen Earth website.

Fallen Earth: With that mug, who needs Halloween costumes?

Fallen Earth: With that mug, who needs Halloween costumes?

Full list of winners after the jump.

Without further ado, I present to you the winners of the Fallen Earth Halloween Costume Contest:

  • Most Original Setting: Sinoth
  • Most Accurate Game Costume: blackenedlegions
  • Best Inside Joke on Scavenging: spookdi
  • Honorable Mentions: faust, Schipperke, Beorend, jac428

Fallen Earth has also kicked off a special in-game event, Days of the Dead. This week-long event provides gamers the opportunity to slay zombies in order to receive special weapons including a signature shotgun, sawed-off shotgun and a cricket bat. The event is open to current and new players as Fallen Earth LLC is offering a 15-day trial to those who sign up to assist in the zombie killing.

“We wanted to give fans some fun, seasonal activities,” said Jessica Orr, marketing manager for Fallen Earth. “Halloween is a perfect time to give our players a chance to be creative as they make costumes and knock-off a population of zombies.”

For more information about the game, hie off to the official Fallen Earth website.

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