Root – Like Rootbeer but SO Much Better

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RootI just got the most amazing PR packet in from Root.

I’ve said before that I like “weird” spirits and I also like fantastic packaging. The way a product is presented can either make you want to try what’s in the packaging or it can make you not want to try it.

I was already excited about Root but the presentation put me over the top. Really, how can you beat little mason jars full of booze?

I screwed off the lid of one of the cute bottles and took a sniff.

Root beer.

My heart fell a bit because I was under the impression that this wasn’t going to be heavy on the root beer flavor. It wasn’t.

Root is subtle in its root beer taste. You get a hint of root beer but it’s so much more and less.

Instead of the sickenly sweet flavor that I’ve grown to hate, Root presents a subtle hint of root beer that didn’t overwhelm me. After I tried Root over ice, I then mixed it with Coke. Coke seems to be the go-to mixer of most people so I figured it was good baseline mixer.

Even though the Root on the Rocks was wonderful, I was still concerned about how it would fare when mixed with a very sweet soda like Coke. And you know, it was really good. Like really good. Good enough that I was sad when I finished my drink.

My go-to mixer is almost always juice of some sort – usually cranberry juice. So, yes, I mixed Root with my juice. Could it stand up to such strong flavors? It could. However, Root didn’t overpower the cranberry juice; Root complimented it. Not my favorite mixer for Root but I was able to taste some of the anise and a hint of something else that I can’t put my finger on. It was good and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Root’s a drink that you should try – plain and simple. It’s not available in all states at the moment. For a complete list, you can refer to Root’s website.

Though this isn’t something that I would drink every night…not that I drink every night…Root is a spirit that should be in your liquor cabinet and is definitely a spirit that will surprise you with its nuanced flavor.

Image|Art in the Age

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