NASCAR Rules and Regulations

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The rules and regulations put in place for the Nationwide Series are fair and the same for all and due to the passion of racing and the emotional state of humans during events that have a great significance in their lives and careers, NASCAR is constantly having to remind the drivers of the rules with a little fine or race penalty. NASCAR has been busy this week making sure the boys who have been bad during the past few weeks are reprimanded for their infractions and keeping order among the chaos.

Nationwide Series rules and regulations are being implemented with full force this week against a few teams and individuals

Nationwide Series rules and regulations are being implemented with full force this week against a few teams and individuals

This week NASCAR announced that two Nationwide Series teams have been discovered to have skirted the rules during last weekend’s Nationwide Series event at Memphis Motorsports Park and have been appropriately fined and penalized according to the rule book. Jay Robinson, the boss of Mark Green in the No. 49 Chevrolet, drew the attention of NASCAR officials, along with Chris Rice, the boss for the No. 70 Chevrolet with Shelby Howard at the wheel. Surprisingly, both teams were found to be in violation of the same rules in the rule book and were fined and penalized the same amounts of $2,500, 25 owner points and 25 driver points.

Also this week, NASCAR fined racer Steve Wallace in the No. 66 Chevrolet for the Nationwide Series for his actions after the race at Memphis Motorsports Park during last weekend’s event. Wallace was told he would have to pay $5,000 of his winnings and placed on probation to give him time to think about his actions. He was upset with something that Matt Kenseth had done on the track during the race and decided to use his car as a battering ram and ran into Kenseth’s car after the race. This is an unfortunate situation that Kenseth has placed himself in by letting his emotions control him after the race. He may have been right in being upset but this gives him no right to loose control and use his car in such away. It’s just a sporting event after all and controlling your emotions is a required skill of all competitors in a dangerous sport like racing.

It’s probably best this racer sits on the side lines and come to terms with his emotions and learns how to control them, no matter the outcome or events that occur on the track. After he comes back he’ll be a much better racer and a safer competitor than before and maybe this might keep him in racing.

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