Top LeBron James Destinations

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Although the 2009-10 NBA season is sure to be exciting, many people are actually looking more forward to the summer of 2010. During the upcoming summer months, many of the NBA’s brightest stars will become free agents — including LeBron James.

Where will LeBron James end up in free agency? Here’s a look at the top five LeBron James destinations:

5. Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers are a long shot but LeBron is good friends with Kobe Bryant and he’d be heading to a huge media market.

4. Chicago Bulls
If LeBron doesn’t think the Cavs can get it done, how about being like Mike and heading to Chicago?

3. New York Knicks
The Knicks have been after LeBron for years. The Big Apple will allow LeBron to become a global icon.

2. New Jersey Nets
The Nets have a new billionaire owner in addition to Jay-Z. Add in their tons of salary cap space and they are definitely in the discussion.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
When it comes down to it, LeBron will likely stay with Cleveland. That will be especially true if he can lead the Cavs to a championship.

Where will LeBron James end up in the summer of 2010? (Image: Zuma Press)

Where will LeBron James end up in the summer of 2010? (Image: Zuma Press)

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