The Classic Windows 7 Show Desktop Icon

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    The Windows 7 desktop icon is way different than those we have seen in Windows XP and Windows Vista. In the two previous operating systems the show desktop icon is the little blue and white image that is placed on the left most bottom of the task bar (see image below):


    In Windows 7 the show desktop icon is found on the right most side at the bottom of the taskbar (see image below):


    I found the new show desktop icon placement to be convenient but nonetheless some people are still feeling nostalgic and would want to get their old Windows Vista / Windows XP show desktop icon.

    To get your old Windows 7 desktop icon, below are the steps:

    1. Create a new folder in windows explorer. You can place this folder anywhere you want but preferably place this folder in your document library. You can give the folder any name you want.

    2. Create a new text file via notepad and name it “Show Desktop.scf”, please include the quotes as well. Save this text file to the folder you created.

    3. On the text files paste the following codes:


    4. Save the text file

    5. Now go to your Windows 7 taskbard and do a right-click, click on “Toolbars” then “New Toolbar”. The folder dialog box would appear, open the folder you created in step 1.

    6. The folder has now been added, again right-click on the taskbar and click on “Lock the taskbar”. By default, the taskbar is locked and by clicking on the unlock taskbar, it unlocks it.

    7. The icon placeholder should appear as shown in the image below:


    8. Right-click on the toolbar placeholder, and uncheck the “Show Title” and “Show Text”

    9. Drag the toolbar on the left side of the taskbar

    10. Lock the taskbar by following instruction number “6”.

    11. Done.

    If you are into the old nostalgic show desktop then go ahead and follow the instructions but I would suggest to stick it out with the new show desktop icon since it is more convenient, less intrusive and saves an additional space on the taskbar.

    How would you like your show desktop icon to be?

    Image from my Windows 7 computer.

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