New Grand Chase Character: Sieghart

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Ntreev USA has just unveiled a new playable character in the massively multiplayer online game Grand Chase. Sieghart made its debut on North American servers of the online brawler on October 28th.

“Sieghart is a fabulous new addition to Grand Chase,” said Chris Lee, chief executive officer at Ntreev USA. “Sieghart is a skilled and accomplished character that our players are sure to enjoy. That combined with the multiple Halloween events going on make October a big month for Grand Chase and its community.”

New Grand Chase character Sieghart

New Grand Chase character Sieghart

Now that October is ending, it’s time for Grand Chase players to look forward to a better future courtesy of more updates.

Let’s take a closer look at Sieghart, shall we?

Sieghart was a renowned hero of Bermesiah (the world of Grand Chase) 600 years ago, but disappeared in the midst of ruins. Reappearing in the times of Grand Chase, he tells the people that the Highlander gods saved him from death and gave him the gift of immortality.

In continuing the saga of Grand Chase, Sieghart comes in at a time when a few brave knights and nobles are trying to stop the Ascendant God from invading Bermesiah.

Sieghart, by the way, is also the name of Elesis’ grandfather. Beyond that, they have little similarity. Sieghart has a chargeable gauge to strengthen attacks, much like Jin’s, that fills up over time. This gauge fills faster whenever Sieghart gets damaged or deals damage. Like Elesis, Sieghart wields a long blade.

Aside from the introduction of Sieghart, Ntreev USA is holding various Halloween events for Grand Chase, like the Jack-o-Lantern Drop event where players receive special items to use in their quests. This event will run until November 3rd.

For more information about these Halloween events, make sure to drop by the official Grand Chase website.

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