MMO Champion brings us Perky Pug preview

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We’ve been talking quite a bit about the new LFG system that will be in place when patch 3.3 comes out. Basically it’s a new tool that will allow players a few more features other than simply finding other people to run dungeons with. You’ll be able to do dungeons with other players from different servers in your battlegroup. You’ll also be able to do random dungeons for both normal and heroic difficulty and get rewarded for it. The more random the make up of your group is, the better your reward.


I can see more reason for players to do PuG’s because of this. To give more rewards to those players who do PuG’s often, Blizzard is also coming out with a non-combat pet called the Perky Pug. Basically you have to run enough Pugs to get this pet and we don’t know how many is “enough” just yet.

I’ve always found Pugs to be pretty cute especially since I’ve taken quite a liking to dogs that have short snouts like Pugs, Bulldogs and even Boston Terriers. I have a Boston Terrier and he’s really lovely but Pugs look awesome too. When you see the Perky Pug that Blizzard is giving out, you’ll find him so cute too. Thanks to MMO Champion, we can see a preview of the Perky Pug! The video is below but you can also click here for the image from MMO Champion.

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