24 Slot Bag sold by Haris Pilton in 3.3

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Sat, Nov 7 - 6:03 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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For a long time in the Burning Crusade days, npc Haris Pilton in the World’s End Tavern was nothing more than an obvious parody of the famous socialite. She sold items that were nothing more than expensive money sinks that did nothing. Then during the later days of the Burning Crusade expansion, Blizzard made her a bit more useful by selling the “Gigantique” bag, which was a pretty expensive (for that level and those days) 22 slot bag. the aim of the bag was that it was something that wasn’t really a necessity but was a useful money sink for those who want it.

Haris Pilton

WoW.com reports that her Portable Hole, which is a 3000g 24 slot bag, is currently available for sale in the patch 3.3 PTR. According to the Warcraft twitter page, Haris Pilton is perusing her new winter collection of pouches and bags, confirming what WoW.com reported. basically the Portable Hole is the new “Gigantique” Bag, another nice money sink for those people with lots of money and in need of a slightly bigger bag.

Now if only Blizzard picked a better name for this bag considering the reputation of said famous socialite…

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