Old PvP titles available by Cataclysm?

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The other day I was thinking about how much time has passed and it’s amazing that World of Warcraft has actually turned 5 years old. So much has changed over the years and I consider myself lucky to have been around during a large part of WoW history. I now find it funny that what we call the new honor system is actually very old in itself and that much earlier was an honor system that brings back a lot of memories to a lot of people, both good and bad.

Stone Guard

The only real remnant of this old honor system, which involved a lot of hours of grinding honor per week, are the PvP titles like Blood Guard, Warlord, Private, Grand Marshal and others like it. If you happen to see someone with one of these titles, that means he’s been around since those days and that’s the highest rank that he attained in a system that made characters go up and down in rank each week.

When the new honor system came out, that saw the end of newer characters being able to get these titles. It’s why you don’t see any Draenei or Blood Elves with it. But that could change by as early as Cataclysm! As you know, Cataclsym is going to usher in a new feature in the Rated Battlegrounds. we still don’t know exactly how this works but it’s supposed to be a competitive environment for Battlegrounds, a lot like the Arena Tournament I guess. According to Zarhym, Blizzard plans to make the old PvP titles available by Cataclysm and that the Rated Battlegrounds is the planned means for attaining them.

The way the titles were attained back in the day involved a flawed system where more time invested rather than actual skill played a pretty big part. According to Zarhym, they want the return of these titles to involve skill represented by a good win/loss ratio and probably other factors. They’re still not certain exactly what the details are or if this information will even stick, given that the cataclysm expansion is still in early stages of its development.

It’s a pleasant surprise especially for players who never had a chance to get these titles before. Now it looks like it’s a fairer system in giving out the ranks. I just wonder how this news will be taken by players who have these titles considering the time and effort they had to put in. Well I have one character who’s a not too high and not too low Stone Guard and I don’t mind the return of these titles because I just know that anyone who even reaches my rank under the new system will probably have to be more skilled than I was back in the day and I respect that and I already take my hat of to any future high Warlords and Grand Marshals when this system takes off.

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