Blizzard increases Battered Hilt drop rate

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Thu, Dec 17 - 6:19 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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Some you probably have seen it drop and probably even less of you have gotten it. But quite a number of us probably have never even seen it. I’m talking about the elusive Battered Hilt that drops in any of the three Frozen Halls wings on heroic difficulty. The Battered Hilt starts the quest chain on the Quel’delar. As a reward for doing this quest chain, players can get one of the Quel’delar blades or one of the maces associated with the quest. All of the weapons you can get from this chain are Icecrown raid quality at item level 251.

Frozen Halls

The good news is that Blizzard the drop rate of the Battered Hilt since they felt the drop rate was too low. This means we’ll be seeing a lot more often when that happens. Another change they are going to implement concerns preventing epics from dropping from the Skeletal Slaves in the Pit of Saron wing. They didn’t want players to farm these mobs hoping for the Battered Hilt to drop. Perhaps groups were being slowed down too much doing this rather than just moving on with the rest of the dungeon. According to Zarhym, the update that this is included in has already been implemented.

Of course remember that the Battered Hilt can also be acquired by trading with other players. Check your auction house and it might be there for the taking if you’re willing to way the price!

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