After the Fall of the Lich King… what?

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When I first entered the Halls of Reflection, doing it first in normal mode to get a feel for the place, something strange struck me about the conversation of Sylvanas (or Jaina for you Alliance folk) with Uther the Lightbringer before the Lich King barges in. He mentions something about how another would take the Lich King’s place were he to be defeated for without the control of its master, the Scourge would run rampant and destroy all living things. This is quite a powerful revelation if you think about it but it’s also quite a puzzling one.

halls of reflection

I think a lot of people assume (with good reason) that the death of the Lich King would end the Scourge threat. Seems logical right? I’ve always had this imagery that with the fall of the Lich King, any remaining Scourge would just drop dead where they stand. But Uther’s words imply that the Scourge would still be around even if we kill the Lich King and worse, that another would take Arthas’ place (Arthas was merely a setback? lol). In fact Uther also implies that it’s actually whatever is left of Arthas himself that could be saving us from the wrath of the Scourge. What’s the point of all this fighting then if the Lich King will just rise again in the form of another?


MMO Champion believes that the Lich King will indeed die but then someone interesting will rise up as the new Lich King. Think about an important figure who still hasn’t made the important appearance he’s supposed to make. No it’s not Kael’thas, even if I made that “death was merely a setback” joke earlier.

While these are just speculations, the idea seems to fit together if they are true. The only way for there to be a new Lich King and yet give a suitable end to the Wrath of the Lich King story is for the new Lich King to be someone benevolent enough to be able to control the Scourge from being a threat to anybody. Consider the bug that allowed us to see the Dragon Queen talking to her consort about the great things they have in store for “the young paladin” and that he hasn’t made his appearance yet. Saurfang the Younger has already made his appearance as a raid boss in the Icecrown Citadel but the young paladin Bolvar Fordragon has not.

Will Bolvar truly be the new Lich King? If so will he be the “right person” to guide the Scourge into not harming anyone and thus ending the Scourge threat? We don’t know but if that’s how the story goes, it isn’t something that we would have even considered until now. Would it make a great ending to the story? I’d rather just wait and see how this really plays out but if that happened all I can say is that the pieces seem to fit but I’d personally be a bit bummed out.

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