Gear requirements for h-HoR increased

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Mon, Jan 11 - 5:11 am EDT | 5 years ago by
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When patch 3.3 first came out, we were all treated to a taste of how much harder the Frozen Halls dungeons are compared to the other 5 man dungeons. Until now I shudder when I get Halls of Reflection as my random heroic, to the point that I would almost rather take an Oculus run than try out h-HoR. Everyone has their own tastes though because others would rather slave through h-HoR because its more like the other dungeons than Oculus is but just harder.

halls of reflection

Blizzard recently applied a change affecting the Dungeon Finder and the gear requirements for Halls of reflection. As you know, the Dungeon Finder has a system for finding other players to fill your group. Gear has something to do with this and which dungeons you can do. Blizzard recently increased the gear requirements for doing h-HoR, which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your views on the dungeon. The obvious reason is to prevent players who “aren’t ready” in terms of gear from doing such a difficult dungeon. It’s a challenging dungeon after all so it wouldn’t be a great idea for say a fresh 80 to be doing it, especially since even geared players have some trouble with it. This also means though that even if you feel like you can do the dungeon, if the system says you can’t then you can’t and that can also be quite a bummer.

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