WoW Armory releases new features!

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Thu, Jan 14 - 6:17 am EDT | 5 years ago by
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Last month I wrote about the new features that the WoW Armory was going to have, as reported by MMO Champion. They said that the announcement they saw was dated for January and then was taken down right away, meaning that it was probably coming out January but the announcement was posted by mistake. Once again they’re right since the Armory released the very same announced features just recently!

armory 3D model

The armory profiles have undergone a makeover, with the new features clearly seen. The new character profiles include a 3D Model Viewer, a Character Activity Feed and a Calendar Feed.

3D Model Viewer

Aside from seeing the character’s usual information like the gear, talents, professions and such, the WoW armory now includes a 3D Model Viewer to show what that character looks like with their gear on. You can spin the character around in all camera angles and zoom it in and out just like in the game. The cooler thing about this feature is that we can cycle through a variety of poses and non voice emotes. Players can also log in to their accounts and set a pose for others to see instead of them seeing the default idle pose. You can even embed your character model to use it in websites, forums and such. Click here to read more about the 3D Model Viewer.

Character Activity Feed

Included in your Character profile is a customizable feed that logs your character’s activity such as loot acquisitions. boss kills, achievements and others. You can even export these feeds into an RSS feed and track the feeds of 5 of your characters. Click here to read more about the Character Activity Feed feature.

Calendar Feed

This feature allows you to access in game calendar data and export it to other online calendars like Google Calendar and even access your calendar data using your iPhone. Like the Character Activity feed, you can also track this data using an RSS feed and can track up to five of your characters per feed. I guess this really helps if you have a raid you don’t want to miss and need to be reminded about it constantly. Click here to see more about the Calendar Feed feature

It’s another step forward for the WoW Armory and it’s really amazing to see how far it’s gone considering how simple it was when it started out.

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