Upcoming Resilience change announced

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Thu, Jan 21 - 10:25 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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It’s currently that time between Arena seasons and all you Arena participants are taking a forced break. Blizzard is taking advantage of this time off to apply a change to the effects of Resilience, which is expected to be hotfixed before the start of the new season. Resilience is definitely more of a PvP stat but it does have some effect even in PvE. For those who don’t know, Resilience has several effects: reduces the chance to receive a critical strike, reduces the effect of mana drain spells, reduces the damage taken from critical strikes, and reduces damage received from players overall.

resilience gear

CM Bornakk announced that they will be implementing a change that will double Resilience value as far as reducing the overall damage taken by players is concerned. All the other effects concerning Resilience will stay the same. Depending on the player’s amount of Resilience, players should experience about a 10%-20% reduction in damage taken from other players when this change is hotfixed into the game. Blizzard will also be monitoring how this change will affect healing as they anticipate that healing might become too strong. They will also be ready to implement a PvP only healing nerf if they see the need.

The common complaint for this expansion as far as PvP is concerned is that there’s too much burst damage (and healing too). This change should help prepare things for the Cataclysm expansion where they’re working to even things out and more away from this problem.

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