Cougar Town: Barry Bostwick Guest Stars on ‘When a Kid Goes Bad’

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Wed, Feb 10 - 6:50 pm EST | 6 years ago by
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Spin City veteran Barry Bostwick drops by ABC’s Cougar Town for the new February 10 episode “When a Kid Goes Bad.”

Courteney Cox/Cougar Town

The actor plays the role of Roger, who just happens to be the father of Laurie’s friend Smith.

During the episode, Laurie meets Roger for the first time, Ellie and Grayson go at it over who’s top dog, Jules and Bobby butt heads over letting Travis attend a party where he’ll most likely guzzle lots of booze, and Jules is further disappointed when she plans to spend Valentine’s Day with Grayson and then learns he can’t stand the holiday.

A sneak peek for “When a Kid Goes Bad” called Cole Slaw follows, featuring Jules chatting with her son and ex, and also getting way too happy over junk food.

Cougar Town airs Wednesdays on ABC at 9:30pm ET.

Photo: Courteney Cox (Newscom)
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