Jason Alexander Directs ‘Til Death’

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Not only does Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander direct the first fresh ‘Til Death episode on February 14, but former Blossom star Mayim Bialik (pictured in the second photo below) guest stars on the second episode, along with returning players and real-life couple Kevin Nealon and Susan Yeagley.

Joely Fisher, Brad Garrett/'Til Death 4.12

First up at 7pm ET is Alexander’s masterpiece “Snore Loser,” featuring Season Three regular JB Smoove as the StarKs’ friend Kenny.

If the title caused you to guess that Eddie is the one with the snoring problem, then you are correct. However, his sleep apnea comes with a little twist: when treatment helps end the snoring, poor Joy suddenly realizes that the nighttime noise actually helped her sleep. What’s a wife to do now in the face of so much distracting silence?

Mayim Bialik/'Til Death 4.13

Next at 7:30pm is “The Break-Up,” featuring the return of spouses Nealon and Yeagley as seemingly perfect on-screen married couple Stephen and Simona.

That picture of perfection is about to seriously change after Stephen and Simona get into a huge fight that leads them to split up. Unfortunately, Eddie and Joy’s attempts to intervene and reunite the couple don’t produce the hoped-for results.

Meanwhile, the silly living-in-a-sitcom plot continues with Doug, who finally seeks professional help from a psychiatrist (Bialik), at his wife Ally’s insistence, to help restore his sanity. I can tell you now the first visit(s) probably won’t be the charm since Bialik reprises her role later in another episode.

‘Til Death airs Sundays on Fox at 7pm.

Photos: Mayim Bialik (Richard Forman/FOX, top), Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett (Michael Desmond/FOX, bottom)

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