“Assault on the Ruby Sanctum” announced

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Sat, Feb 20 - 8:14 am EST | 6 years ago by
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It was just several days ago that we were speculating on the new content that Blizzard said they were going to come up with before the expansion. Arguably the strongest case among those speculations was something to do with Chamber of Aspects underneath the Wyrmrest Temple. After all, a raid after the defeat of the Lich King would make the most sense if it had something to do with the Cataclsym expansion somehow. Well this speculation was right! We’ll soon say hello to the new raid dungeon in a future minor content patch. This dungeon encounter is entitled “Assault on the Ruby Sanctum”.

The story of this dungeon concerns a Black Dragonflight war party assaulting the Ruby Sanctum in the Wyrmrest Temple led by the Twilight Dragon Halion. Destroying the Ruby Sanctum is part of the Black Dragonflight’s efforts to destroy any road blocks that would get in the way of their master, Deathwing, and destroy uniting factor for the dragons – the Wyrmrest Accord.

Based on initial information given about this encounter, it looks very much like the Obsidian Sanctum! The same model of 3 mini bosses (Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Warborn, and General Zarithrian) and a main boss (Halion) will be seen in this Ruby Sanctum raid. But I’m sure the fights will have a different feel to them since the circumstances are different. Instead of entering Black Dragonflight territory, we’re defending another Sanctum from the Black Dragons. So I’m sure we’ll have the help of the Red Dragons here. I wonder though if there will be such thing as Halion +3 drakes here? Just a thought…

This also answers the question I was wondering about before. Why would be attack the Red Dragons or any of the other friendly dragonflights? Turns out we aren’t attacking but helping them defend and this makes more sense to me. Maybe we can see the Black Dragonflight assault the other Sanctums in the Cataclysm expansion.

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