Does Frank McCourt Owe $15,000 for Haircuts?

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Wed, Apr 27 - 6:13 am EDT | 4 years ago by
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Frank McCourt, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has had a tough go of it lately. First, he allegedly found out that his wife was cheating with a bodyguard — which led to an extremely messy divorce. Then just recently, MLB commissioner Bud Selig stepped in and took control of the Dodgers. Now a hairdresser is claiming that he’s owed $15,000.

David Mackey, the hairdresser in question, says that he was promised $300 per day for his services. However, in his lawsuit, he says that McCourt failed to pay him for a span of about 50 days.

To us, $300 a day sounds outrageous. But with how McCourt blindly throws around money, I wouldn’t doubt it. It’ll be interesting to see how he escapes this latest hairy situation.

Frank McCourt Hairdress Lawsuit

Frank McCourt Hairdress Lawsuit

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