Dodgers Blame Bryan Stow

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Thu, Oct 27 - 12:29 pm EDT | 4 years ago by
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Stay classy, Frank McCourt. Lawyers for the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers are blaming Bryan Stow for getting beat up at a Dodgers game. All I can say is wow. This is a new low … even for Frank McCourt.

It’s no mistake that Major League Baseball is trying to take the Dodgers away from Frank McCourt. They don’t think he’s fit to run an MLB team. I can’t help but agree with commissioner Bud Selig on this one.

Bryan Stow was attacked back in March and he remains in a rehab facility. He almost died multiple times and it’s doubtful that he’ll make a complete recovery. But, yeah, let’s blame him for wearing a Giants jersey at a Dodgers game.

Good going, Frank.

Frank McCourt Blames Bryan Stow

Frank McCourt Blames Bryan Stow

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