Interview: Professional Wrestler Christopher Daniels

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Christopher Daniels Wrestler


Christopher Daniels has been a professional wrestler for more than 20 years. During his time as a pro, he has wrestled for every major organization in the industry including WWE, ECW and WCW. Currently, Daniels is a top star in TNA Impact Wrestling, which can be seen on Spike every Thursday at 8/7c. Also, you can watch him on monthly pay-per-view events or go see him at one of his global tour stops. recently sat down with Daniels to talk about everything from what has made him successful to the dangers of wrestling.

EveryJoe: You’ve been a professional wrestler for nearly 20 years now. What are you favorite memories?

Christopher Daniels: It’s hard to narrow down 20 years of great experiences into one favorite, but some of my highlights include:

-Wrestling in front of 30,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome.

-Wrestling in great arenas in the US, such as the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, and the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago.

-Wrestling against some of the biggest names in wrestling history, like Sting, The Road Warriors, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Christian, and Daniel Bryan.

-Wrestling in the main event of many TNA Pay-Per-View events

EJ: You are currently with TNA. What do you love most about TNA wrestling?

CD: I’d have to say the locker room is what I love most about TNA and Impact Wrestling. When you spend so much time with a group of individuals striving towards the common goal of improving our wrestling show, you form a very close bond that’s hard to break. These people are my family and best friends in the world, and I’m proud to work with them every week.

EJ: Who is your favorite person in the world of wrestling?

CD: Again, it’s hard to quantify a favorite with so many great people that I work with, but I’m currently working in a tag team with one of my best friends in the business, Frankie Kazarian, and being his partner has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

EJ: Professional wrestling is a dangerous sport. Do you ever worry about your health?

CD: At this point, I’m rarely worried about my health in wrestling. I’ve learned how to protect myself in this business and how to minimize injury, and I don’t take unnecessary risks. Plus, I try to challenge myself with my workout routines, which is another way for me to stay healthy and relatively unharmed. Of course, this is a dangerous undertaking, and the potential for injury is always there. However, dwelling on what could happen is pointless, and I don’t worry about it.

EJ: As a 15 time wrestling champion, what is your secret to being so successful?

CD: There’s no one thing, but I will say that even after 20 years in wrestling, I’m convinced that you never stop learning and improving. I’m constantly trying to become better and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new ideas in wrestling, whether it’s how I wrestle in the ring, or conduct interviews, or portray a character in front of live or televised crowds. Looking for new ways to do these things keeps me motivated, and unusually a motivated wrestler is a successful one.

Christopher Daniels wrestling


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