Tianlang Guan, 14, Penalized for Taking his Time at Masters

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Fri, Apr 12 - 5:03 pm EST | 3 years ago by
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I’m simply in shock over Tianlang Guan’s slow play penalty. The 14-year-old golfer from China suffered a penalty while playing in the Masters. His crime? He was taking his time. Yes, a 14-year-old kid was penalized for not moving as swiftly as the adult golfers. Crazy.

Check out the 14 Tianlang Guan pictures below.

That was a ridiculous ruling by the official at the Masters. Tianlang Guan is just a kid. If he needs to take some extra time, so be it. It’s amazing enough that he is doing pretty darn well at the Masters at such a young age — regardless of his pace.

In fact, the golfing world should want Tianlang Guan to be on camera as much as possible. Golf is a lucrative operation now — and that’s without anything from the China market. If Tianlang Guan opens up China to golf, we’re talking about billions of dollars in additional revenue.

Don’t penalize Tianlang Guan for taking his time, enjoying the moment and trying to do the best his 14-year-old heart could muster. Instead, applaud him. I know I will.

Here are the 14 Tianlang Guan pictures. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all the pics!

Tianlang Guan Pictures - Slow Play?

Tianlang Guan Pictures - Slow Play?
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