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Video: Zack Greinke Broken Collarbone After Carlos Quentin Brawl

You have to feel horrible for Zack Greinke and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Carlos Quentin of the San Diego Padres made a terrible decision — and it ended up in a Zack Greinke broken collarbone.

With the count 3-2 and the Dodgers up 2-1 in the sixth inning, Greinke accidentally hit Quentin with an 89 MPH pitch. But for an inexplicable reason, Quentin took offense and charged the mound. The Padres outfielder hit Greinke like a football game had broken out. Soon after, Greinke was diagnosed with a broken collarbone.

There’s simply no way that Greinke was trying to hit Quentin. In a one-run game with a full count, that’s the last time a pitcher would ever purposefully hit a batter.

Zack Greinke Broken Collarbone

Zack Greinke Broken Collarbone

How long will Zack Greinke be out? It’s a broken left collarbone for the righty — so that’s a bit of good news. But the former Cy Young Award winner who signed a contract worth nearly $150 million this past offseason is going to be out at least a couple months.

If you have Greinke on your fantasy baseball team, this is obviously not the news you wanted to read. All you can do is put him on the DL and hope he comes back strong for around the All-Star break.

Here is the Zack Greinke broken collarbone video:

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