Is Derrick Rose a Punk or a Genius?

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Since Christmas, we’ve heard rustling that Derrick Rose was about to come back. D-Rose and Adidas even staged a hype-documentary around #thereturn. In episode 6 of the Adidas documentary, you’ll hear Rose say:

“I’m still workin’ my butt off so that I can get back onto the court as soon as possible.”


“That’s what you not understandin’. I will die on that court, like die. I’m gunna go all in for it.”

Sounds really good D-Rose. The only problem is you were never going to come back in 2013.

derrick rose return

Let’s be totally upfront about this: Derrick Rose was cleared to play by his own doctor on March 9th. That was 42 days ago.

Since then we’ve heard a bunch of ambiguous comments and shaky excuses. One being he was waiting until he was comfortable to dunk off his left foot. Okay…

Look, I don’t have a problem with D-Rose shutting it down if he really feels like that’s what’s best. I do have a problem with D-Rose stringing everybody along like he was ever going to return this season.

Rose conceded that he very well could miss the season but that lends to my point the he knew all along he wasn’t coming back. The idea was already firmly in his head (probably planted by his loud mouth brother).

Instead of just coming out with it that he wasn’t stepping one Adidas shoe on the court, he allowed speculation to run rampant and hopes to be held high.

For their part, I’m sure once the Chicago Bulls saw the writing on the wall, they gladly accepted the ambiguous maybe-later stance in exchange for ticket sales and media attention.

I always thought Rose would come back at some point this season (he had to, right?). My light bulb moment came when I read an ESPN Chicago beat writer say with no uncertainty that Rose had already shut things down and he was sure he wasn’t going to play this season. Team specific beat writers usually don’t offer those bold of words without a lot of hard evidence.

So here we are, with the 2013 NBA Playoffs already underway and Tom Thibodeau admitting Rose wouldn’t play in the playoffs but then taking it back a little by leaving the possibility open.

In a nutshell, that’s why I think this whole Derrick Rose situation sucks. I understand he’s doing what’s best for him (no doubt about the selfishness here) but just be upfront and admit it when you’ve made the decision.

Instead, D-Rose acted like a punk bitch and let everybody think he was coming back all season long. If you aren’t playing, just say it.

The man was medically cleared for all activity 40-plus days ago and the Bulls just admitted he’s not coming back to help the team for the rest of the playoffs. How about an Adidas documentary on how Derrick Rose knew he was never coming back but let everyone think was?

Guess that wouldn’t sell too many shoes.



Jack Maclin never pulls punches when covering sports. Follow Jack @jackmaclin

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