10 Balding NBA Players That Will Surprise You

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It makes me feel good to see balding players in the NBA. It’s kinda like: Hey, he’s got millions of dollars, plays basketball for a living and could land a hot girlfriend of his choice — but at least he’s going bald.

Let’s dig into 10 NBA players with receding hairlines. Be sure to click on the right arrow to see who made the list!

LeBron James Balding

That headband keeps going higher and higher and it's not only the hairline that's receding. Lately the hair on the top of LeBron's head has grown thinner and the hair on the side of his head is noticeably thicker. It won't be long now, King James' receding hairline is coming home.

Chris Kaman Balding

He's seriously rocking the bald head with full horseshoe. Why not just shave it all off and keep that dignity Caveman?

Carlos Boozer Balding

Remember when he came back for 2012 with a can of spray paint? Did he ever think he was that was going to fly? Boozer has some hair, he just has a horrible widow's peak receding hairline that is magnified by the fact the hair he does have is so dark. Ultimately, I've got to fail Boozer for even trotting out in public with spray paint.

Vince Carter Balding

Vinsanity is full on George Jefferson if he ever grew his head out. At least he's man enough just to shave it all. Not sure if I'm sold on the compensation beard though.

Jason Terry Balding

LeBron gets all the heat but the Jet originated the headband cover up. He's got a bad hairline but he keeps hanging in there.

Kobe Bryant Balding

I think Kobe's been doin' work on his hair. And lately, that work has been failing.

Kosta Koufas Balding

He's a wreck. He's got bald spots all over the place. His hair's thinning. He's still trying to play it off kinda. And I doubt he looks good with a shaved head. No es bueno.

Deron Williams Balding

There's something really shaky about the front of his hair. Looks like he's pushing some strands forward to cover up a very suspect hairline up front.

Jason Kidd Balding

Kidd just shaved his head for a while but now if you look close, you can tell his once strong hair is deserting him in the later stages of his NBA career. He's probably better off bald anyways. Plus he has enough hair to play it off as he's just shaving his head.

Kevin Durant Balding

He's not so much balding as the crown of his head just doesn't have as much hair as the rest. I think he's naturally subject to the horseshoe. It's a shame because his hair is otherwise good.

Honorable Mention:

Steve Nash has had some serious restoration work done. His hair was on its deathbed multiple times and he somehow not only didn't flatline but comes back with a new wavy haircut.

Manu Ginobili's bald spot has been played to death. We all know about it. I give him credit for just cutting it short and making the best of what he has. Well played Argentine.

Kevin Love's got that receding hairline coming around the mountain. Just give him two more years and he'll be home.

Got another balding NBA player I left out? Let us know in the comment section below!


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